Peach Cobbler – Campfire edition

Ok so this pandemic thing is making me pull out my inner Girl Guide. This past weekend – Sunday – was the most gorgeous day. We are lucky enough to have a backyard and spend much of the day pulling out ivy from a garden next to the house (and found a crack in the foundation – don’t worry it is small and not serious and by the time I wrote this Wednesday night – fixed). I digress, we decided to cook outside (steak) on the BBQ and have a special dessert. No marshmallows to be found so I pulled out an old trick from Girl Guide days – Campfire Peach Cobbler. So yummy and quite easy – can be done over the fire or under the broiler too.

Peach cobbler
The finished product

Ingredients needed for peach cobbler

Oatmeal cookies (two per person)

Peach slices – I used canned

Brown sugar

you will also need two peices of tin foil per cobbler and one damp paper towel.

We had no oatmeal cookies and strangely nut free ones (my son has an allergy) are hard to find. At Girl Guides we used Dad’s brand but they are not nut free. We didn’t have any on hand so I made a batch – so good and worth the extra time – I used this recipe I found online for soft oatmeal cookies from Allrecipes check it out. Oh and btw it makes way more than the 24 it claims to make in the recipe (not a bad thing).


Place down one piece of foil shiny side in. Wet a paper towel (it should be about a half size one smaller than the foil) and wring out and place on top of foil. Place a second piece of foil over top – doesn’t matter where shiny side goes. Put one cookie on foil then 2-3 slices of canned peach and maybe a spoon of juice. On top of the peaches put 1-2 tsp of brown sugar and then top with second cookie. Drug store wrap the cookie concoction. If you have no idea what that is click here and check out the end of the video with the foil. I learned this from my dad who was a pharmacist. Apparently it is how the drug stores wrapped sandwiches and packages once upon a time (the 1940s? 1950s? – anyway it is useful!)

Peach cobbler over fire
the waiting is sweet torture…

Then what you will do is take these packets and place them on the coals of the fire – it has to be hot and they will get black on the outside – if the fire is really hot it only takes 5-10 min per side.

Remove from fire and allow to cool for a few mins so you can unwrap. Add whipped cream if you like and eat out of packaging with a fork – delicious gooey mess! Leo wants to do it again this weekend so we have to go easy on the cookies…