Creamy Noodles

I have been posting a bunch of recipes and most of them are pretty easy. At least I think so. But during these weeks of us all staying home many of us have had more time to slow down and cook. Slow food, I think that is what the fancy chefs were calling it. Food. Like our grandmothers used to cook. With the extra time it has been super satisfying to finally have the time to cook and bake to my heart’s content. But then again, somedays one doesn’t feel like it. It is perfectly normal to go through ups and downs during this period of isolation and sometimes (damnit) I don’t wanna cook. Here is an old staple that is so easy and so satisfying on a comfort food scale that it is a regular and frankly one of Leo’s favorite (ok and mine too). Welcome to creamy noodles – don’t make fun of me for how easy it is.

creamy noodles


Chicken (one breast cut into cubes)

mushrooms quartered – a small package (optional and mostly I don’t use them)

pasta (whatever kind is your fave)

one can Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup (the condensed kind)

Directions for creamy noodles

Cook pasta and drain. Set aside. if you are using mushrooms cook them down so they release the water and set aside. Cook chicken and then set aside. Pour can of soup into a pot and warm until boiling and add a bit of milk to decrease thickness a bit. Add back in the chicken and mushrooms if you are using them and pour over pasta. That is it. Seriously don’t make fun of me. It isn’t our grandparents cooking it’s more like Mom from the late 70s cooking. But damn, Creamy noodles is one of my fave comfort foods. Use it on a day you just don’t feel like doing the whole bake up a storm thing. Happy eating!