Venison Burritos and Flat Bread

So…. crazy month right? So here we are most of us at home and I, for the first time, have had to close the clinic indefinitely. Scary times but we have to remember to count our blessing (though sometimes that is hard to remember). I am the first to talk about my past history with anxiety and depression and this situation is not helping. It is important to talk about. Reach out for help if you need it. I am here. We will get through this and come out stronger. This week I find myself cooking the weird things in my fridge and making darn sure I don’t through anything out. And so begins the first of our Coronavirus (COVID-19) recipes. While you may not have all the ingredients for this one laying around… you can make a ton of substitutions… and I found a great flat bread recipe that requires only a few ingredients and was so delicious it is worth a shot… we may as well come out of this really good cooks right? So – Venison Burritos and Flat Bread

Completed Venison Burritos

Ingredients for Venison burritos filling

Ground venison (or any ground meat)

bacon (3 slices – because the venison is very lean and needs some fat)

I even threw in 3 chicken wings chopped up so I wouldnt waste them

sauce (I used leftover sauce I wouldn’t have otherwise used from a shrimp ring!) but any tomato sauce would work

Ingredients for Flat bread (makes 3-4)

1 cup flour

3/4 cup water

1/2 tablespoon of baking power

1 tsp oil

salt – 1/2 tsp (oops I think I forgot this – didn’t matter!)

the original recipe called for canola but I used olive and the original recipe called for more canola to pan fry the flat bread- honestly cooking spray is better otherwise these would be greasy…


First lets talk flat bread – so the original recipe was floating around on Facebook for Navajo Flatbread I don’t wish to steal credit so please go and look at it – I did change it a bit for my purposes which is what is reflected above. All you do is mix the ingredients together and knead a bit…. leave to rise for 30-60 minutes and roll out very thin and fry in a very hot pan (they said cast iron skillet if you have it) flipping once – these were so easy and delicious it made the meal gourmet.

For the burrito filling I cut up three piece of bacon and fried it then added the venison and chicken wings. Cook until mostly done then added the shrimp sauce (or other red sauce) and some salt. That was it. I served the burrito filling on the flat bread with some avocado and grated cheese and salsa – with some spinach on top. Seriously Quarantine Gourmet (credit to that phrase to my friend Dr. Emily Howell).

Frying up the flat bread for Venison Burritos