“After my first visit with Dr. Karen I completely had no pain in my neck.  She has magic hands! A big thanks to Dr. Karen!”       -O.S.


“Always fantastic- best Chiropractor in Toronto! Helped me with my sciatica and crappy shoulder. My sciatica was so bad that I couldn’t even walk in February. Multiple sessions with Karen helped me not only get back on my feet but have the best back of my life. I still try and see her once a month to keep my back aligned and help with my shoulder strain due to repetitive computer strain (or as I call it – Photoshop Shoulder). Not to mention she’s just a generally pleasant person to deal with! Did I mention her competitive prices – give her a call and compare!”       -A.S


“Dr. Hudes is the best chiropractor I have ever attended. She genuinely cares about her patients and has seen me through many types of injuries or conditions. She has helped me so much that she is my first call whenever I have neck, back, hip or knee pain. I highly recommend this doctor.”     -T.L.


After years of pain in my lower back and shoulder area I made my initial visit to Dr. Karen Hudes. Within 2 weeks (6 visits total) I felt complete relief of all pain and felt better range of motion in my hip area.  Dr. Hudes is very knowledgeable and was able to diagnose that my SI joints were messed up and needed some TLC.  I also have mild scoliosis and feel all my symptoms are gone!!! As well, I suffer from tension headaches very often and have not had one since my initial visit 3 weeks ago!!! I would highly recommend Dr. Karen Hudes to anyone!!!”        -S.S.


About a year ago, I woke up one morning with a wicked pain in my back. So bad that I remember taking my sister for a nice meal and we had to uber because I couldn’t even think straight through the pain. I thought for sure that a massage would help so I booked an appointment and afterwards for a day or two I felt a little bit better. Fast-forward a month or two and I was in the hospital. The pain had now moved from my back/shoulder blade area around to the front of my chest making it hard to breathe in deeply. I was told to try physio because I had slight thickening of the fluid in my shoulder. Again I tried something else and the physio would work for a day or two but anything past that I was in discomfort. Then one day in October, I met Dr. Karen and right away I knew that this was someone I could feel comfortable with and trust my body/health with. In chatting briefly, she told me what she thought it could be, poked me EXACTLY where I had been hurting for months and told me to come see her… How could I not when she so easily pinpointed something that had been causing me pain for months??? I think that Dr. Karen’s kind and knowledgeable demeanor would put anyone at ease. I had never experienced visiting a chiropractor and I still remember talking to my mom after my first visit when I got a call from Dr. Karen just to see how I was after my first adjustment… what great follow-up service!!! But I think what the best thing is is that she knows about all parts of the body and what can be done to alleviate any pain or discomfort. One week I was so sick with a cold and didn’t think I could keep my appointment, but Dr. Karen emailed me and said “I can help with that”… I was very hesitant to say the least, but after the week of sore throat I had been having, I’d take any help!! So in one quick movement, Dr. Karen pressed on my face and like the wizard she is, made the pain Go. Away. I honestly can’t speak highly enough about my experience with chiropractic or with Dr. Karen. I can honestly say that she has changed my life… the thought of having to live in pain was starting to wear me down, and now that isn’t something that really even crosses my mind. She has worked wonders and I will be forever grateful for that day that we happened to run into each other.”    – K.M.


My wrist had been hurting for months.  My doctors couldn’t do anything to help me. After only a couple sessions Karen had it feeling brand new! Thanks again Karen!”   -J.L.