Scoliosis – what you can do about it

Scoliosis is a condition that causes abnormal curves in the spine.  Scoliosis is more prevalent in females but all children while they are growing should be checked for scoliosis.  This can be done at a routine visit to the chiropractor and is something that I do with all of patients regularly re-checking the children and adolescents.

So what if you have scoliosis?  Generally it gets evaluated and measured and monitored.  It used to be that the most severe cases would require surgery or bracing. Recently, the literature has shown that the surgery for scoliosis (the insertion of rods in the spine) is not as effective as it was once thought to be and may not help at all.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t much that will actually correct a scoliosis.  But it can be managed with conservative care.

Because there are unusual curves in the spine this can put pressure and irritation into different muscle groups and joints of the spine.  One side will be really tight, and the other really lax or loose.  Pain can result from tight muscles and joints causing inflammation which often manifests as upper back or neck pain, headaches or lower back pain.  With regular physical care and maintenance I have seen patients with scoliosis go from having pain on a daily basis to no pain at all. There is always hope.  Even if you have had scoliosis and pain for years, there is something that can be done.  With gentle physical treatment including adjustments, soft tissue release and exercises the pain can be lessened and even removed.

For young children and teenagers with scoliosis it is important to keep the spine moving and the muscles prone to tightness loose so that the pain doesn’t manifest at all.

Don’t ignore your scoliosis! I can help you and teach you things you can do to keep yourself well, moving and out of pain for as long as possible.