Veggie Rice Wraps

Have you been cooking and eating your way through Covid? Ya, me too. I thought it was time to use my evil talents for good and start cooking and eating well. After all there is a light at the end of this long dark tunnel that is getting brighter, and who knows, maybe bathing suit season with other people there will actually happen. With that in mind, I tried a really easy lunch recipe recommended by a friend – veggie rice wraps. So healthy and so yummy! Oh ya, easy too.

Veggie Rice Wraps
Veggie Wraps – healthy, easy, delicious and beautiful too!

These also turned out so pretty – they say you eat with your eyes so that doesn’t hurt!

Ingredients for Veggie Rice Wrap

rice papers (two for one lunch)

baby spinach

red, yellow or orange pepper julienned

carrot – around 1/4 large peeled and using the peeler peel the carrot into shreds

left over fish, chicken or other protien cut into small chunks

rice or quinoa

hot sauce or other flavouring


Soak rice wraps in cool water for 5 minutes to soften. Place on plate and add handfuls of each ingredient onto wrap like you would a burrito and top with sauce or flavouring or mayo. Tuck ends in like a burrito and wrap as tight as you can without tearing rice paper. It will stick to itself – repeat with second wrap and enjoy! You can also have dipping sauces if you like. I think I will try this with some left over butter chicken I made this week and veggies today ….ooo that’s gonna be good. Get creative with these veggie rice wraps and let me know what you come up with!