Spring Clean Up and Protecting Your Back

Ok, it’s spring – sweet right? This time of year brings sunshine, springing forward, lighter coats, less (but maybe not no) snow, lots of mud and yard work, and often the urge to do some spring cleaning.

Remember last year (or years past)? Spending the better part of the day cleaning out and getting rid of stuff, tidying up the garden and getting the garage in order for summer? Are you going to do some of that this year and maybe Marie Condo your life a bit in the meantime? Good idea. But let me help you watch your back while you are at it ok?

Why is cleaning up around the house back unfriendly?

It doesn’t really have to be but generally when we are really wanting to get stuff done we sacrifice proper technique for lifting and bending for speed. Here are some examples of what I mean:


If you are going to do some vacuuming with your spring cleaning make sure you don’t put undo stress on your back when you are doing it. I once got tendonitis in my thumb from vacuuming (you thought it was from work right? Nope, no way). I decided that it would be easier to show you what I mean then babble about it here so check out the video by clicking the link below:

Important to note in this video: My awesome “Badass Chiro” shirt


I think probably the lifting component with spring cleaning comes with putting the things in boxes and hauling them into the car and out of your life Marie Condo Style… though there are probably tons of little things to be lifted too… for that reason it is important to review the cardinal do’s and don’ts of lifting here:

Pay attention to holding the load as close to you as you can and don’t make it awkward – also look at the lower right hand picture above – dot round your lower back – always keep the normal lordosis in the lower back – it helps protect you from injury.

Also if you are picking up something light ans small from the floor like a pen (or socks, underwear, random Lego- you know kid things) use the golfer’s lift – it is fast and protective for your back. Check out the video below :



Lots of gardening is about to happen too right? Best tip for gardening is to get close to the earth – either sit or kneel on it or buy a garden stool. The closer you are the better your back will do with it. Try not to twist but approach things face on – and remember the lifting tips above! Check out the pic below for more tips about gardening.