Pasta/Zucchini Pasta with Creamy Green Sauce for Spring

Today I went to the Marilyn Denis Show taping in the city (Toronto) with my friend Penny – we had a blast – if you live in the GTA you should check it out – the tickets are free and I came away with a huge haul of stuff: $100 gift card to Petro Canada (I won that), and everyone in the studio audience got $50 to Pet Smart, a gift certificate to Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Royal York annnnnnnd a bag full of amazing sauces from The Spice Taylor. Also on the show was the Chef from Cafe Ballou at the four seasons doing a spring pasta with a sauce that I call a creamy green sauce that I HAVE to try…

One of the segments was the Chef from Cafe Ballou at the Four Seasons showing us how to make this amazing Green Cream Sauce for Pasta – since they are changing to their spring menu. It sounds amazing but I am back on my keto kick… guess what – if you put it on zucchini ‘pasta’ (spiralized zucchini). Sooooooo, guess what, it’s gonna be on TV tomorrow so I figure it is fair game… So here it is – I will definitely make this Creamy Green sauce this week for myself and add pictures!

First some Pictures from our visit to the Marilyn Denis Show!

Jann Arden handing Penny a pastry (she had already taken a bite of the top…)

Yes, she did eat it – pretty sure she and Jann will be besties now…

P.S. I totally got in trouble for taking these pics…. but – JANN ARDEN!

For tickets to the show go here:

Just a quick one of the two of us pre show… ok back to the recipe:

Creamy Green Pasta Sauce

So I will be guessing at the proportions here but I am pretty good at that… here is the list of ingredients:

1 head green leaf lettuce – green part chopped off and blanched and rest chopped into bite sized pieces and reserved

1/4 cup grated parmesan

1/2 cup heavy cream

lemon zest

water (a couple teaspoons)

1 tsp fresh mint chopped

Directions for the creamy green pasta sauce

Ok, here is what he did – take the tops of the lettuce and blanch in boiling water – a couple mins till tender not soggy and mush. Then put in blender with the rest of the items (not the water) and blend till smooth – that’s it for the sauce really!

To make an amazing Spring Pasta Dish

Chef Ballou also had cooked pasta but I will substitute spiralized zucchini for myself to make it healthier – In a hot skillet with some olive oil add “pasta” and sauce – a couple teaspoons of water to keep it smooth, a couple teaspoons of ricotta cheese and heat… not too much because you don’t want the zucchini noodles to lose their crispness.

For bonus points:

In a separate pan add cut up pieces of zucchini, green beans, the bottom white parts of the lettuce, green onion and green peas. Saute till warm and toss with pasta and sauce. Serve with a garnish on top of ricotta, green onion and lemon zest.

Here is Chef Ballou doing his thing (well setting up for it anyways) – check out his spring menu starting this week at the Cafe Ballou at the Four Seasons Hotel!

Can’t wait to try this one this week and will add pics for sure!