Killer Mojito Recipe

A Mojito recipe from the Mojito Master

yep, that’s me. Mojito master. It is pretty universally agreed amongst all who have tasted my famed mojito that I kill it.

I planted mint in my garden and have let it pretty much take over a good corner… I highly recommend this so that you can always have a fresh supply.

As luck would have it I noticed last week that the mint was ready

so here we are  – Early June and HOT… way hotter than usual at this time of year. So today I sent the hubby on a special errand to the store to buy limes and simple syrup.  We buy the simple syrup made by Presidents Choice – which is very good.  You can make it on your own but the PC brand keeps longer in the fridge.

To make your own simple syrup

mix 2 cups of water with 2 cups of sugar and heat until all of the crystals dissolve.  Cool – ya that’s it.


An important note on limes

For a good Mojito I prefer regular limes to key limes – this isn’t a Corona afterall…



For one Mojito you need:

1/2 to 1 lime

12-20 leaves of mint muddled in glass

1 oz simple syrup

1 to 1.5 oz rum (I prefer dark rum)

soda water




muddle the mint leaves directly in your glass.  Add rum,simple syrup and squeeze lime over top.  Mix with spoon. Cover with ice and then top up glass with soda water (use a small highball). 


Today marks the first of our summer Mojitos drunk while watching the Stanley cup Finals with the Golden Knights and Capitals tied at 1-1 in the series.  What else could be better?