Killer Guacamole with Bacon – Southampton BeAcH HoUsE style

Long weekend Guacamole

With the first Canadian Long weekend of the summer upon us – the much anticipated May 2-4 or Victoria Day long weekend – many city dwellers are upon the roads (the 400 specifically) desperately battling traffic on the way out of the city to attempt to gain some peace and quiet (and maybe a little long weekend beer buzz) at the cottage.  We conjure up rest, beer, chips and dip and maybe guacamole…

Me, I am sitting here, dedicatedly typing away because I can not imagine leaving all of you in the lurch without a Sunday Recipe.

I love you that much.

Also, Leo and Ryan are at Hockey tryouts and we aren’t leaving for the cottage until tomorrow.


Where this one came from – the back story

Ok, so this week’s recipe is long weekend and cottage inspired.  Specifically Port Elgin Cottage inspired.  This recipe came to me from a friend of mine who has a cottage in the neighbouring town of Southampton – her name is Tina (Hi Tina!)

I first tasted her legendary guacamole at a party at my neigbours (Ally that’s you) – this neighbour of mine is about as nutty as I am and throws the best costume parties every year.  Everybody dresses up and I mean everybody – ages 8 -82.   It is a blast.  Here are some of my costumes from over the years:

Enough back story where is the recipe already?

Ingredients for the best guacamole:

2 avocados

3 tablespoons onion diced

1/2 cup miracle whip

1/2 teaspoon chili powder

1/2 cup tomatoes diced

2 cloves of garlic (smushed)

4 pieces of bacon crumbled small


Smush up the avocado and mix everything together.

That’s it really…

Be careful though I really couldn’t lay off of this guacamole  – I had to walk away. (but then I kept walking right back over… ya, I don’t make it that often unless I want to eat the whole thing)