The Benefits of Self Care part Deux

So I promised a Sequel

Last weekend I wrote a blog post about self care.  It’s importance, ways to do it: expensive and free.

I also went for the first time to Ste. Anne’s Spa last weekend.

Ya. This is the expensive version.

Ya. It’s worth it.  (Occasionally)

So here is my review and what I learned, and what I would do differently.

So first, why I needed self care – a review

Ok, well who doesn’t?

In case you missed it – here is an internal link to last week’s blog post:

The Benefits of Self Care

So I needed this really badly for a bunch of reasons:  Very busy life (check), busy mom (check), sandwich generation and taking care of my dad who has been ill and in hospital (check), as a result of prior mentioned stuff and other life stuff we had to cancel our last two vacations (check).  So as a result I have been feeling extra tired.

I decided to take some of the money that I would have spent on vacation and take myself to Ste. Anne’s Spa for the day with a girlfriend. It was pricey but totally TOTALLY worth it.

What I loved and what I would do differently


Things I wouldn’t change:

So the food at Ste. Anne’s is amazing.  The whole day I felt well cared for, nourished and pampered.  I ate stuff too fast and forgot to take pictures…. oops sorry.

My first treatment on arrival at 9 am was Reflexology – my first foray into this treatment – basically foot massage based on acupuncture principles.

Would I do this one again? Oh ya.

I also had a chance to enjoy the beautiful grounds with my friend Adit- we sat in the sun (got a tiny burn on my leg at some point eventhough it was early spring) and had the front yard to ourselves at one point.  Got to listen to the birds and watch these pretty orange dudes while I was landed upon by a butterfly. What magical place did we drive into today?

Things I would do differently:

I wore a one piece bathing suit.  This was a mistake.  Too hard to change to pee – and because of the treatments, tea, water etc… there was a lot of peeing.  Wear a two piece.

The second treatment I chose was a Eucalyptus Wrap.  While this thing was great – it is likely the HOTTEST wrap at Ste. Anne’s.  I think that I booked this when it was winter and I was cold.  The treatment was amazing – they wrap you in hot damp blankets that have been steamed with Eucalyptus oil.  Then they wrap you in plastic to keep the heat in.  Then they put ice cooled cloths on your face and neck and do an ice cooled facial. The contrast between hot and cold is amazing.

Would I do this one again? Personally no.  I really don’t know why I booked this one for myself, I don’t do great with lots of heat so it was a bit of a miscalculation on my part.  Super hot.  I like it but it took a bit for me to cool down and recover.

Final thoughts

If you have a chance and can get out once in a blue moon to Ste. Anne’s for a day spa and some fancy self care go for it.  It was a great rest, a great treat, a wonderful day and I came back feeling quite recharged.

Here are some more pics