The Benefits of Self Care

Self Care the buzz words

So I tend to see articles about self care all over the place these days.  On facebook groups, the internet, tv commercials, radio ads – really these buzz words seem to be everywhere lately.

Maybe I am just noticing it because I need some of my own?

So today I am going to talk about why I need to do some of my own self care, what I am going to do/have done, and some recommendations from me the person and me the doctor.

Why I need to do some self care around here

So, if you have been following me for a while on this blog or on facebook you may know my Dad has been ill.  Today as I write this he has been in hospital for almost 3 months.  One week ago he was transferred (finally) to a rehabilitation hospital after suffering a subdural haematoma (brain bleed).  It has been a long road and as I write this I know he will be in rehab until at least June 18 and probably longer.  In addition, when he was in the hospital I went every day to see him, had to advocate (and really fight every step of the way) in order to get him to rehab.  The whole experience left me quite jaded towards the medical system and extremely tired.  And we have a long long way to go.

Fortunately, he is finally where he needs to be and the care he is receiving seems to be terrific (remember I’m currently jaded and distrustful).

Ok, so in the mean time – I haven’t had a vacation since last March (2017) – one got cancelled due to my husband taking a new job and the last one we couldn’t go because Dad needed us here.

So what am I going to do about getting myself some self care?

I booked a day at the spa (St. Annes’s) and I have never been before… I was supposed to go April 15 and…. Ice storm. Of course.  Luckily, my friend and I were able to reschedule for May 6 which as I write this is tomorrow.   Yay!

I have always wanted to go to this place and a whole day at the spa sounds like great self care to me! I will update this section after I attend tomorrow!

Not to be all advertisy like but here is Ste. Anne’s website in case you want to check it out… I hope I like it!


After Ste. Anne’s Spa

Back from my day spa experience. It was amazing. so relaxed.   Whose idea was it to write some stuff tonight? Bad idea.  Too relaxed. Instead I will do a whole post on what it was like and what I learned as well as stuff you can incorporate at home for self care next week.

Going to bed and doing a reverse sleep in instead (see below).  Night night!



Other things that are great for self care

Ok, so we all can’t go running off to the spa all the time – for two reasons: Cost and time.  So what other self care can you do if you just have a little time?

Me the doctor says:

take care of yourself physically and mentally –

get adjusted

get a massage

have a reverse sleep in (go to bed really early)

make sure to eat regularly and consume healthy food

take a hot Epsom saltz bath

do some exercise

do yoga


Me the person says:

hang out with a friend (no kids allowed)

have a glass of wine

read a fun book

get some quiet time to yourself (even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom)