Core stability week 1 – Brace

Over the next 5 weeks I will be posting one exercise per week via video to show you how to build a strong back and core stability.

I only like teaching one exercise at a time because that way you are much more likely to incorporate that exercise into your daily routine, get good at it, and be ready to add another one in a week.

So we will start with the Brace which I think I have blogged about before but you need to do this exercise and be good at it to do the following 4 weeks of exercises.

Please click on the underlined words “Brace2”  below to watch a quick video of how to do this.  I made this video for a lifting post I did but the exercise is the same (yes by the way you should do this when you lift too!)


Try doing this every time you stop in your car at a red light or stop sign and hold it as long as you can.  Remember you should be able to breathe normally during this exercise or you are doing it wrong.  Just engage your abdominal muscles and hold.   It helps build strength in your abdominals and even some deep layers of the lower back muscles.

That’s it for now  – call, email or text me If you have any questions!

Happy bracing!