Pandemic Faves

So this week’s recipe post is a bit of a cheat… I’ve been busy getting the clinic ready for re-opening and have seen a few urgent patients. So good to be ready for when I can invite all of my patients back. I don’t have a recipe that I tweaked this week per se but I do have some awesome links to recipes I have made during my 10 weeks at home many of which have become family faves. I am sure they will stay in the rotation – Also tons of yummy breads and deserts… so here are some of my recipes that have become pandemic faves!

Pandemic Faves: Breads

Bread and baking have gone wild during this time… So much so that it is hard to find flour and yeast. Tip- Costco usually has 10 kg bags for about $8. Yeast – one of my friends found some in a small bakery in Mimeco… also I am now part of a cult – the Cult of Sourdough. Yep, it got me. If you want some sourdough starter just ask, I will give you some – we can have a physically distanced pick up and visit and everything. As with all Cults, I have become a bit obsessed….

Ok so here are the bread recipes I have done and continue to do:

This was Thursday morning – two loaves white bread and one sourdough…

pandemic faves bread
a three loaf morning!

White Bread (with yeast)

Baguettes (with yeast)

pandemic faves baguettes


pandemic faves sourdough
a thing of beauty!

Sourdough rolls

I haven’t made the rolls yet but I will! My friend did and said they are great.

For the sourdough you need starter – honestly if you want some let me know… I can arrange it if you live close by.

sourdough starter
Sourdough starter – its alive!!!

Pandemic Faves Desserts

What’s a pandemic without sweet treats? Here are some of the best recipes I have come across in the way of desserts…


Ya, Ive made these twice … it will happen again.

Pandemic faves blondies
worth it

Oatmeal Cookies

Pandemic faves oatmeal cookes
also worth it

So basically I am lucky I haven’t gained 10 lbs in quarantine… I hope you enjoy these as much as we have – but not all at once!