Quarantini Time – Apple Pie Martini

I tripped across a recipe about 10 days ago for an Apple Pie Martini – in my usual fashion I changed it to make it my own and then posted it on facebook – my personal page. It got a lot (A LOT) of traction… It is a really REALLY good recipe… and you know, 6 weeks into stay at home time really does equal quarantini time. So…. I asked my friends on my personal facebook page if it was inappropirate to post a martini recipe on my blog since a lot of my patients come here to look at recipes. One of my friends said a more appropirate question was really “should I post 1 or 2 martini recipes on my blog each week?” And thus, I have been schooled. I therefore bring you The Aplle Pie Martini (to be enjoyed occasionally and responsibly for those 19+)

Apple pie martini 1
This was the original FB photo with the caption “current situation – holding open cookbook with Clorox wipes while making goulash and drinking an Apple Pie Martini

Ingredients for Apple Pie Martini

This is a list for a batch of martinis – do not drink it all at once!

One cup of Vodka

One apple sliced really thinly (for surface area)

2-3 tablespoons lemon juice

one cinnamon stick

Symple syrup (1 oz -1.5 oz per drink – to be used later when ready to drink)



In a glass sealable container place sliced apple, cinnamon, lemon juice and vodka and seal. Place in refrigerator at least 24 hours. Once the day has gone by drain into a different container. When ready to mix place ice and simple syrup in a martini shaker along with 1-2 oz of flavoured vodka and shake – allow the ice to melt for a few minutes then strain into martini glass.

So simple and really tasty.

Remember to enjoy responsibly.

Apple Pie Martini 2
More formal and pretty picture of Apple pie martini

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