Leftovers Salad Bowl

I do this a lot – this salad bowl I made from leftovers in my fridge turned out so yummy I thought I would write it down so I could replicate it. The concept though can be used in your own fridge on whatever happens to be left over in there really anytime – all you need are green things, an avocado, some nuts or seeds, fruit and cheese, olive oil and vinegar and you are in business. Let’s get down to making this yummy and healthy leftovers salad bowl!

Leftovers salad bowl
Just looking at this again makes me want to make it


Remember for the leftovers salad bowl just use whatever leftovers you have…. here is what I used:

Kale (shredded into very small pieces – I use scissors to cut it)

leftover broccoli and cauliflower rice

one small avocado cut in bite sized chunks

baked leftover rainbow trout broken into small pieces

one small scoop of pumpkin seeds

leftover cold (no longer warm) tomato and bacon salad (previous posted recipe)

two eggs over medium

extra virgin olive oil

apple cider vinegar

See I mean it – check out the tomato recipe – this link takes you to the last recipe I posted – I saved the leftovers in the fridge and threw it into this salad bowl – so yummy!


Really this is pretty self explanatory but here is what I did. On the bottom I but finely shredded kale and threw everything else on top including dressings and then top with the eggs. Really that is it. Super simple and can be varied with any proteins you happen to have laying around – just grab the key ingredients and throw it together… something that I thought was really important for texture was to shred the kale really small. Ok, now I’m hungry… time to go make it again!