Yummy Summer Salmon Bowl

We have two weeks left before school starts – lots of lazy summer to go … here is a super easy recipe I threw together with leftovers and loved so much that I made twice more on purpose: a super yummy summer Salmon Bowl. It literally took about 5 minutes to prepare (if you have left over salmon to warm up). This is in single portions but can easily be doubled, tripled or quadrupled for the whole family…

Ingredients for Summer Salmon Bowl

  • one cooked salmon filet warmed up and smashed
  • small tomato chopped
  • half of a ripe avocado – chopped
  • two or three handfuls shredded cabbage (I just bought a bag from the grocery store)
  • mayonnaise to taste
  • sriracha mayonnaise


This can be warm or cold but I did like it better with the salmon warmed. All other ingredients stay cold… Its a nice contrast. Here is what I did. Put the salmon in a bowl and warm in microwave as desired. Smash with fork so it is in pieces at the bottom of the bowl. Place diced avocado and tomato on top and a squirt of the Sriracha Mayo or just plain Sriracha sauce. In a separate bowl mix shredded cabbage and mayo to desired consistence then place on top of the other ingredients. Eat and enjoy – really that’s it!

It has such nice contrasting flavors and consistency I really liked my accidental leftovers invention and will make it on purpose again for sure!

This one is also keto friendly!

For me this was great for lunch but would also be super tasty for dinner in the backyard with a nice glass of white wine. Let’s keep that summer evening patio thing going as long as we can!!! Who’s with me?