Dorito Burritos

So you know how I like to post easy and healthy recipes? Well that is not what this is. Easy yes. Healthy? Not 100% – the Doritos ruin that part of it but the rest is healthy I swear! I was introduced to the gourmet Dorito Burritos this past weekend while camping with my Cub Scouts (yes, I am a Scout Leader – who knew?). So today I share with you the amazing, the easy, the not so healthy but delicious… Dorito Burritos recipe.

Dorito Burrito picture - bags and content

Some background on Dorito Burritos

I generally do the shopping for Cub Scout Camp. Why? Because I am a leader and specifically because I am the leader with the child with a peanut and tree nut allergy. So on the day that the Cubs planned their meals for camp (we make them think about this and what to eat) they suggested Dorito Burritos. I wasn’t there that night by my husband Ryan, also a leader, was. When I looked at the meal plan I think I said something like “wtf is a Dorito Burrito?” without the f word. I promise.

I got the explanation and immediately said I thought it sounded gross. Boy was I wrong. I had two helpings at camp last weekend. The scale is now mad at me but that is another story and problem for later.

Ok, I give, what are Dorito Burritos?

Here is what you do: You take a mini bag of single serve Doritos and Crunch up the chips. Then add all the stuff you would like in a Burrito and mix it up and eat it with a fork right out of the bag. No mess, easy clean up, not super healthy but man o man is it delicious. So that’s it, every time we camp Dorito Burritos must be a staple from now on.

Dorito Burrito - example of contents to add to bag of Doritos


So I cooked for 20 people – I wont give the amounts but here are the basic ingredients for Dorito Burritos:

Small bags of Doritos (or any other chip)

Ground beef, pork or chicken (we used pork)

Old El Paso Burrito seasoning


shredded cheese

sour cream

chopped tomatoes

chopped sweet peppers

Recipe Directions

Ok so the directions for making Dorito Burritos is not super complicated. For ease we cooked the ground pork prior to camping and froze it cooked so it could thaw over night in the cooler – this was brilliant and was almost totally thawed by lunch on the first day of camp. All we had to do was heat it up in the frying pan and add the seasoning. From there each kid grabbed a bag of doritos and crunched up the chips, we added a scoop or two of meat and they dressed them how they liked with salsa, cheese, veggies and sour cream. As I said – I had two helpings. Was amazing.

And that’s all there is to it. All you have dirtied was a fork per person and a frying pan and scoop… maybe a cutting board and knife to chop the veggies. The kids also had a ton of fun eating out of the bags.

Hope you try this one this summer when camping! Let me know how it goes!