Portabello Tuna Melts (Keto friendly)

Its been a bit of time since I posted last – what with the Easter/Passover holidays in between… lots of dead chocolate bunnies since I last typed but I am climbing back on the healthy eating train with no gluten/sugar and lower carb for me – I invented a simple and fast “sandwich” melt one day after work when I didn’t have much time and I was starving. This is when most of us reach for carbs – because the are convenient right? So I present to you a fast and amazingly tasty alternative: the portabello tuna melt!

Looks good right?

Portabello as bread

Ok, maybe this has been thought of before but I feel like I invented it – I was feeling extra smart because my husband Ryan actually commented on how good it looked and how smart it was for me to think of it… he usually thinks much of the food I eat is rabbit food (it’s totally not) and that he HAS to have bread (he doesn’t but that is his perception and I am his wife so as if he will listen to me…)

Ingredients list

Here are the things you will need

Tuna, salmon or chicken (one tin)

mayonnaise (your fave brand or keto home made mayo) if you want to make your own keto mayo here is a recipe link for you:

Two portabello mushrooms with stems removed and set aside

slices of cheese

saracha mayo for a topping (optional)


Start to finish the Portabello Tuna melts take about 10 minutes to prepare. Here are the directions

Remove stems carefully from mushrooms and place in toaster oven on 350 F on a foil lined tray and bake for around 5-7 min until it looks a bit cooked and soft. In the meantime drain the tuna (or salmon or chicken) and mix with your prefered amount of mayo in a bowl. When mushrooms are cooked place the tuna on top and cover with a slice of cheese. Return to warm toaster oven just long enough to melt cheese. Transfer to plate and top with saracha or saracha mayo.

Et voila! Portabello tuna melt!

I really did like this one – hope you try it!