Ever want to go on a Spa Tour?

Ok, I know that sounds super fun but I’m serious

I like doing novel things and generally have a list of experiences I want to try – I wrote about it in one of my first blog posts … Some of the fun, silly, scary and some people think crazy things I have done include doing the polar bear dip, playing Mas in Toronto’s Caribbean Festival and Parade last year, doing the CN tower Edge Walk, getting a pie in the face, pieing someone in the face, earthing and so many more…

Most of these things ended up on my “bucket list” and my patients, friends and acquaintances know I do this and are always asking what is next. This year I do wish to continue these things for sure and I have added: eating bugs (like crickets and silk worm pupae- a Chinese delicacy), trying new foods like Korean BBQ and Ethiopian, getting dunked in a dunk tank and then… I ran out of ideas. So I am always looking for more. (If you have some please email me!)

I came up with the idea of a spa tour when I was being silly with a friend at St. Anne’s spa last year – but the more I thought about it, the more I really liked the idea. Why not incorporate new experiences with spa and try to do something different every month or every other month?

Sounds good to me

So the Spa Tour began. This week actually!

One of my patients/collegues/friends suggested late last year that she wanted to try a Russian Bathhouse for the first time and asked if I would be interested (see people know I can’t pass up a new experience).

What is a Russian Bathhouse? Well there are several around the city but we chose Banya in Mississauga on the recommendation of my friend’s friend. It has a Dry and Wet Sauna, Steam room a cold plunge and cold bucket as well as a tea room that serves authentic Russian food (so yummy) you can find out more at http://banya.ca/

Tuesday is Ladies Night so I went with 3 friends and had dinner and a sauna from around 8 till 11 pm as well as tea.

Let me tell you the food was amazing (I had beef stew) and I was super relaxed – slept amazing and was so mellow the whole next day.

My friends and I decided that we would try another one – a Korean bathhouse next. Not sure when we will do this but the whole thing inspired me to try to do some spa and self care for myself monthly. This venture wasn’t overly expensive either – the spa entry fee was $45 and dinner was $15. Pretty reasonable I thought. The place is comfortable, clean, and kitschy I really liked it and recommend it – I would totally go back.

Yay! more Spa tour!

Below are some pictures from the Russian Spa Banya

What’s next?

Next on the agenda is a 2 hour foot and body massage at a wellness spa near my clinic – they have a special for $89 I believe – I will try to do this in February or early March and book the Korean spa with my friends after that.

Self care and relaxation is super important – what do you do to help yourself? Also if you have any suggestions for something to add to my spa tour list please let me know and I will review it!