Hungarian Goulash and Dumplings

Something a bit different for Christmas?

So usually at this time of year many are gearing up for preparing big meals… Turkey, stuffing, maybe a ham, big platters of fish for Christmas Eve…  I have heard from many people that they may be a bit tired of it.  If you want to try something a bit different check out this recipe for Hungarian Goulash and Dumplings.  *note – above picture is one from the internet not mine but does look similar to what I make – typing this before I actually make this on Christmas Eve…

So, I am usually the one in our family making a big Christmas dinner either on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day.  This year, my cousin is doing Christmas Day and our Christmas Eve will be a bit smaller and quieter with just a few family members and maybe some friends…  My husband is kinda excited because we have decided to do a smaller dinner on Christmas Eve that we haven’t had for a few years – one of his very favourites:  Hungarian Goulash, Dumplings and spaetzle (prounounced Sh-pet-slae) which are basically German noodles.

Truth be told, I am getting excited too.

The Beauty of this recipe

The beauty of this recipe (or more correctly I guess these recipes) for Hungarian Goulash and dumpling is that the dumplings can be prepared ahead of time and frozen, the noodles can be store bought and made just before (I will do them fresh but lets not go there) and the goulash can be done in the slow cooker.  Leaving you free for a relaxing Christmas Eve with little prep to be done!

Here is how:

Here is the recipe for the Hungarian Goulash and Dumplings:

For the goulash – Ingredients:

4 lbs beef (I use stewing beef but you can use chuck or another roast) cut into 1-2 inch cubes

2 strips of bacon or just bacon fat

6 onions (I use 4-5 yellow and 3 shallots)

4 tablespoons of paprika

1.5 teaspoons of salt

2 green peppers cut up coarsely

Instructions for Goulash

Flash fry the beef cubes very quickly and remove from skillet.  Do this in portions so you don’t overcook the meat.  Transfer to a thick pot (I use slow cooker).  Rinse the skillet with a cup of water and add to the pot.  Then chop the bacon and fry it in the skillet. Add the onion and brown lightly.  Stir in paprika and salt and combine with the meat.  Add the uncooked green peppers and then cook slowly for about two hours on lowest heat possible.  Or on low in slow cooker for 4 hours.   This can also be made the day before and reheated!  Serve with Noodles that can be purchased in most international food sections (Spatzele)  and boiled just before serving.   Also can be served with Dumpling recipe below!

Bread Dumpling recipe 

(Zemmel Knodel)  or Bread Dumpling are awesome with Hungarian Goulash 

6 stale kaiser buns or 300 grams french stick or white bread cut in cubes

30 grams lard/crisco

1 Tablespoon chopped onion

parsley and salt

60 g flour

2 eggs

1 cup milk

Cut bread into small cubes and in a separate bowl mix lard, onions and salt.  Mix all with bread curbs and add flour and mix.  In a separate bowl mix eggs and mil and then pour over bread mix and work with hands into dough.  With wet hands form balls (tennis ball size or a bit smaller) and cook in salted boiling water 12 min.

I make these ahead and wrap each individually in saran and freeze.  Remove from freezer and boil when needed.