Why go to a Chiropractor? Do I need a Chiropractor?

Do I need a Chiropractor?

Why go to a chiropractor? Do I need a chiropractor? People usually go to see a chiropractor when they are in pain.

We have mostly all heard of chiropractors in relation to back pain right?

That is a good thing -we are great at helping with back pain!  But it is only really part of the story. Here is a link to some of the other conditions I treat if you are curious: https://drkarenhudes.ca/index.php/conditions-we-treat/

Here is a fantastic link from the Ontario Chiropractic Association about what chiropractic is https://www.chiropractic.on.ca/public/what-is-chiropractic-2/

Without going and rewriting the whole thing basically I will quote one part:

“Chiropractors practice primarily using their hands, providing diagnosis, treatment and preventive care for disorders related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system and joints”

So if you have joint pain/injuries – there is heaps and mounds of evidence and studies that chiropractic care helps in all kinds of pain situations.  We provide safe, effective hands on care, exercises, advice etc to get you out of pain.  So if you are in pain the why go to a chiropractor is answered as – to get out of pain.

Q: I’m in pain, do I need a chiropractor?

A: Yep.

Ok but I don’t have pain…

I see lots of adults who aren’t in pain – usually once every few weeks or monthly.  Most of the time these people start because they are in pain.  They continue with care for several reason: they don’t want the pain to come back – but here is the biggie:  they often feel so much better during their care that they want to continue to feel this way.

Here is how it goes – you don’t notice how stiff or sore you are, or maybe you feel creaky and achy in the morning, or maybe you chalk up most of your aches and pains to “age”.  Read this carefully:  ACHES AND PAINS ARE NOT NORMAL – and guess what – you don’t have to live with them and YES they CAN go away.  So not only do I get rid of the pain that the patient feels that brought them to me in the first place – often they feel so good and no longer sore, achy or creaky that they want to come in monthly!

I don’t know about you but I want to live well and have mobility well into my old age – guess what – chiropractic can help with that!

So –

Q: I don’t have pain. Do I need a chiropractor?

A: Yep. You do.


What about my kids do they need a chiropractor?

Yep they do.

Listen the areas that don’t move in our spines… they accumulate over time.  The best way to prevent pain later in your kids is to get them checked periodically.  I see lots of kids and babies, treat my son and recommend coming in to get your kids spines checked at least periodically…. see the next section and my video too – maybe it will help explain why

Q: (in a little kid voice) Do I need a chiropractor?

A: yep.


One last thing –

Here is a quick little video that I made to help something a chiropractor treats – part of the chiropractic world calls it a subluxation.  Lets just call it an area of the spine that just isn’t moving through its normal range of motion for some reason.