Core Stability Exercise #3 “Resisted Side Steps”

Resisted Side Stepping

In our series on core stability we are on week number 3 which brings us to Resisted Side Stepping.  This is a great core stability exercise and this chiropractor gives it to many of her patients to build good core strength.  Good core stability helps prevent lower back pain.

If I am really lucky I have finally figured out how to get my own YouTube Channel, upload this video and imbed the link in this blog post.  I have been trying to make my videos short but feel rushed and they end up being too long for this site so hopefully this is a tech solution for this chiro who is trying to learn the tech!


Ok so for this exercise you do need one piece of equipment and that is a resistance band.  You can use a large rubber band like I have in this video or something like theraband which is easily found at a sports store or your chiropractors office in many cases.  Start with a light resistance because this silly little exercise can be quite challenging.  If you have no idea what I am talking about when I say resistance or exercise band see the picture below – it is essentially stretchy material that will provide resistance at the ankle level during this exercise.


How to do this Core Stability Exercise:

Start by bracing – that is contracting your stomach muscles (see exercise #1).

Then hands on hips, band around ankles and bend knees.

Take steps to the side one direction 5-10 times and then the other.

Make sure not to waddle!


For the video please click on the link to my YouTube video link below! (guess I got really lucky and figured this out!)

Summing up

So this is core stability exercise #3 – as always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call and ask or contact us for more information or help.