Broccoli and Stilton Soup

Once upon a time in the distant past I took a trip to London (and Paris) to visit friends of my parents and a friend of mine.  This story takes place in England.  On Salisbury Plain, in fact…

It was a dark and stormy day (really). And my ‘Aunt and Uncle’ dropped my friend and I off at the famous site on Salisbury Plain – that’s right the amazing Stonehenge.  It was our only available time to visit and it was raining really hard so my Aunt and Uncle decided to wait in the car for us because they had been there before and they didn’t want to do battle with the rain.  So anyways, my friend and I went out there with almost no other people and took a walk around Stonehenge, pretty well alone. When does that ever happen? When it is raining sideways on Salisbury plain apparently.  It was quite amazing.  It was also really cold and wet.

Once we were done we went for lunch in a pub nearby.  We all had a Broccoli and Stilton Cheese soup that is maybe the best soup I have ever had. Ever. Maybe it was because I was cold and wet and hungry (hangry but holding it in really), or maybe not.  I have been trying to copy it ever since.

This is the closest I have come and it uses broccoli stalks that I collect and freeze as I use broccoli to feed the family (yep you read that right).  I cut the very end off and cut them in chunks and collect it in a large Ziploc freezer bag – once I have a full bag I can make a soup!

So here it is- hope you enjoy:

1 full bag of broccoli stalk (from freezer)

some broccoli florets (if you have them – I rarely put them in)

2 potatoes pealed and cut in chunks

1 wedge stilton cheese

1 L chicken or veggie stock

salt to taste.


Really that’s it.  I throw it in a large pot and make sure the stock covers the veggies and add water if it doesn’t.  Boil until everything is soft and then transfer to blender to puree in batches.

Super Yummy and amazing in this super cold weather.