Sinus pain, pressure releif

Sinuses.  When they don’t bother you, you don’t even notice them.  When they are stuffed full of fluid they make you miserable.  Sinus Congestion is a multi million dollar industry – how many commercials can you think of that talk about sinus congestion advertising some kind of decongestant or a stuffy, sniffely cold medication? Commercials ain’t cheap so it’s safe to say they make money on selling these things.  That’s because there are few things less comfortable than sinus congestion.

Pressure, pain, headaches, dizziness, post nasal drip and coughing are just a few symptoms of this super fun problem.  Sinus congestion can result from a cold or infection and can continue for ages especially if you have a chronic type of sinusitis (Inflammation of the sinuses).

So why is a chiropractor talking about sinus problems now?  Can I treat sinus infections? No. I don’t treat the infection directly at all (though adjustments do boost the immune system for sure this is not my focus in this article at all).  What I can do is some activation of pressure points and adjustments to release some of the muscles surrounding the sinuses, relax them so to speak, and help them drain.  Sinuses that drain heal faster and guess what … you breathe better. All good all around.

Here are a couple of cases I saw recently:

  1. Patient came in for a regular adjustment on the way home from work because she had severe throat pain and ear pain from a concurrent throat infection.  She was already taking antibiotics and saw her family doc again just before she saw me who told her there was nothing more to do and she had to wait it out.  She was seeing me for a completely unrelated problem but told me this because she was in so much pain.  We decided to try some sinus draining techniques while she was there and about half way through she said to me “Wait, what are you doing?” – I froze…. ‘um why?’ I asked?  “My throat isn’t sore anymore!!!” she said (remember she was going home from work because of this pain).  Ok, cool… she then called me a sorcerer – which I enjoyed very much.
  2. Patient came in from out of town as she was visiting family. She had had dizziness daily for 2 years since the birth of her child.  Had seen ENT specialists and several doctors, tried several medications to no avail.  We decided to do some exercises that are specially designed for her type of dizziness, sinus draining treatment and some adjustments.  She then went to the cottage with family for a week and returned to me. She reported having her first few days in 2 years with no dizziness.  Amazing. (I’m still amazed but not surprised when these things happen)


This also works for people who have chronic sinus headaches and other sinus related issues.  Of course every case is different and this may not be the solution but it is pretty easy to give it a shot and very low risk and non-invasive.

So there are really easy, non invasive things that we can try if you have a whole bunch of congestion you can’t seem to get rid of or even if it is new and you are really uncomfortable.   Give me a call if you have any questions