My Mom’s Strawberry Jam


So my mom passed away several years ago.  She was my best friend and I miss her every day.  This jam was one of her signature things – though she made the freezer jam version.

We used to go strawberry picking every year with family friends (you know who you are I and K) to Whittamore’s farm.  We would wash, clean, store and freeze the strawberries for later use – we had a ton of it in the chest freezer in the basement and some of it would turn into strawberry jam.  I remember almost falling into that freezer as a kid fishing out jam and strawberries.  Good memories.  I am smiling just typing this.

I used to come home from school and return to Waterloo or Chicago with at least 3 bottles of jam…  This past weekend I made, an properly preserved, 24 jars of my mom’s strawberry jam.  I do it to give out at gifts for the holidays – and to eat at home… It is great on toast – or ice cream (yum!).

Amazingly, Mom’s strawberry jam recipe somehow ended up on the box of pectin – wonder how that happened (ya, she wasn’t a chef but she followed recipes well – like me).  This summer, and the one before, my son Leo and I went to Whittamore’s farm and picked strawberries – froze them like mom used to, and they went into the jam last weekend.

If you are interested in doing this on your own, here is the recipe (from Bernardin’s pectin box):

  • 5 cups crushed strawberries
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1 package Bernardin Pectin (I use the powdered not liquid)
  • 7 cups sugar (I use a bit less)

Yield is 8 jars of jam….

here is a link on how to sterilize and seal jars properly:

Once filled I also re-submerge the jars (full and sealed) and boil 20 minutes.

Super tasty and will last for 1 year on the shelf when canned properly.

I used to post on facebook when I was making jam…. I don’t know how many pots I have burned the bottom of – so be careful!  It’s ok  – self-deprecating posts are generally appreciated on facebook.

Have fun jamming!