Fancy Instant Iced Coffee

One of the recipes floating around on facebook or the internet in general during the first few weeks of stay at home Covid-19 style was this one for “Dalgona Coffee”. I don’t even really know how to pronounce that so I just called it a fancy instant iced coffee…. if you are missing Starbucks or just want a treat and have some instant coffee at home (I found some in the back of a cupboard – think we bought it for camping… and yuck…so it is still there). So of course I had to give it a try… here is the recipe I used and the directions as pitfalls to avoid… it was fun to try and pretty yummy but quite full of sugar.

fancy instant iced coffee
Fancy Instant Iced Coffee or Dalgona Coffee


These are the ingredients needed for one serving of coffee

instant coffee – 2 tablespoons

white sugar – 2 tablespoons

hot water – 2 tablespoons

1 cup of milk

ice cubes

Directions for fancy instant iced coffee

Put coffee, sugar, and hot water into small bowl and either whip by hand (super tiring); or use a hand mixer to whip. Be careful here! I think I ‘overwhipped’ the first time I did this and it wasn’t as yummy. Please stop whipping as soon as the mixture starts to get thick. Place milk and ice into a glass and float froth on top. Take picture. Post on instagram. Once done then take a spoon and mix layers together. Otherwise you will just get foam on your nose when you try to drink the it.

Hope you try it and enjoy!

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